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VIDEO: Trump Parade held in Hinesville

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Supporters of President Trump converged upon Liberty County Saturday morning to let the cities of Walthourville, Allenhurst and Hinesville know their voices will be heard in two weeks when the polls open county wide for the general election.  The line of cars, estimated at 50, made there way from Walthourville through Allenhurst and then Hinesville in a show of support for the president in the heavily Democratic county.  The cars were adorned with flags, signs and contained enthusiastic participants who drove up west Oglethorpe into Hinesville honking horns and waving Trump

2020 flags.  They eventually stopped inside a local parking lot where they held a prayer and pledged allegiance to the flag.  The even went off without incident with the exception of two different vehicle drivers, one hurling profanity at the group, and another playing music describing the president in a profanity laden song.