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We should all be like Mr. Jimmy!
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Keep Liberty Beautiful is a county program that promotes our environment.

It warmed my heart to meet this wonderful older gentleman this week.  Wait, I know what you are thinking, and yes, I am single, but it was not that kind of meeting.  While driving to work, some days, I would see this older man walking.  I would think to myself how I hope I can still get out and walk like he does.  When I saw him pick up some trash and keep on walking, I could not believe it! This particular morning I saw him walking. I also saw what appeared to be some cardboard lying on the sidewalk.  I could not stop, but this gentleman stopped, picked up the cardboard, and kept walking.  

I stopped in the Recycling Center, and Ms. Brenda was there.  I told her what I saw, and before I finished telling her the story, he was walking into the parking lot.  I had the biggest smile on my face, which he could not see under my mask.  He had the cardboard in his hand and gave it to Ms. Brenda.  She introduced us to each other, which now I know him as Mr. Jimmy.  He said he walks 1 ½ mile every day, and if he sees trash, he picks it up.  I thanked him for keeping Liberty County clean and beautiful.  He shared some of his life stories with me, and I gave him a Keep Liberty Beautiful T-Shirt.  

I think we all should be like Mr. Jimmy and pick up trash when we see it!  We can all help to keep Liberty County Clean and Beautiful.  Well, this Saturday is a good time to do that.  I would like to invite you to Rivers Alive on Make a Difference Day.  Make a Difference Day is a national day that, for over twenty years, has reminded us to provide a day of service to help others and to help our community.  

In Liberty County, Keep Liberty Beautiful holds our main Rivers Alive cleanup day on the national Make a Difference Day on October 24.  Rivers Alive is our way in the fall of helping to care for our community by taking care of our local waterways. Rivers Alive is a statewide effort to preserve and protect our waterways in Georgia. Rivers Alive is sponsored by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division’s Environmental Outreach Program. Rivers Alive events are also part of the international efforts of The Ocean Conservancy.  As a coastal county that is forty percent ‘wet’ with marshes, wetlands, creeks, and rivers, clean and healthy waterways is a crucial issue for all of us in Liberty County.

With just a few hours of your time on a Saturday morning, you can make a powerful difference where you live by helping to remove litter in and near our local waterways. These water-rich areas from wetlands to rivers serve as a home to local wildlife and aquatic life. Wetlands also act as filters for the water flowing through them. When we overload these wetlands with too much debris, they cannot function properly. Waterways also serve as a source for our drinking water and a destination for our recreation and fun! 

So, plan now to make a difference by contacting us at Keep Liberty Beautiful. To register, you can call 912-880-4888 or email We have over seventy locations targeted for cleanups, so there is definitely a place for you. And do not worry if you do not like to get your feet wet. We have plenty of cleanup locations on dry land. This year we have official Rivers Alive neck gaiters for the first 500 registered volunteers. We provide all the cleanup supplies for our hardworking volunteers.  Our sponsor, SNF, is supporting this event with personal protective equipment (PPE), water, disinfectant supplies, and snacks.  Due to COVID-19, we will not have the customary cookout that SNF provides each year.  We really appreciate their annual support for this program because these cleanups would not be possible without them. Do not take clean water for granted! Join us for Rivers Alive!

Also, this year for the first time, we will have a Shred Day in Riceboro!!  On October 24, 2020, from 9:00am to 1:00pm in the field next to the Riceboro City Hall.  In Hinesville, in the Recycling Transfer lot, across from McDonald’s, we will hold our Tire Amnesty Day.  Liberty County, please round up your tires and encourage your neighbors to do so as well, to help our community.  Keep Liberty Beautiful, and Liberty County Solid Waste Department is sponsoring this great Tire Amnesty Day event on October 24, 2020, from 9:00am to 3:00pm.  Visit our KLB website for more information,  You can make a difference, so join us this Saturday!

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