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Winter Weather Preparedness Week is Dec. 6-10

Liberty County – Although Georgia does not experience the blizzards and extreme cold conditions that may occur in other states, Georgia’s winter weather is unpredictable and sometimes dangerous. Therefore, all residents need to take the proper steps to prepare for any potential disaster. Liberty County, in partnership with the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency, is encouraging citizens to participate in Winter Weather Preparedness Week 2021 to learn how to take proper precautions for possible inclement weather emergencies.

“During Winter Weather Preparedness Week, our residents and businesses can learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones against inclement winter weather,” said Robert (Bob) Dodd. “We believe that the tips that will be presented will enable our citizens to secure themselves and their homes for any weather hazard that may come our way.”

Winter Weather Preparedness Week, from December 6-10, was created to raise awareness of winter weather hazards and reinforce understanding of winter weather terminology. Throughout the week, Liberty and GEMA/HS encourage all Georgians to prepare for severe weather and restock necessary supplies.

Each day concentrates on different aspects of severe winter weather and provides critical information for preparedness. The focus for each day is as follows:

Monday, Dec. 6: Winter Weather in Georgia -- learn about winter weather hazards that can impact the state of Georgia

Tuesday, Dec. 7: Winter Weather Terminology -- learn about winter weather "alerts" (watches, warnings, and advisories) and what they all mean

Wednesday, Dec. 8: Winter Weather Preparation Tips -- learn how to best prepare for winter weather events, and put together a "Ready Kit" while making a plan before winter weather strikes

Thursday, Dec. 9: Winter Weather Driving Tips/Safety -- learn "best practices" for driving (if necessary) in winter weather conditions and how to pack a mobile "Ready Kit"

Friday, Dec. 10: Winter Weather Outlook for 2021-22 season

Families can visit to learn how to prepare for emergencies, create family communications plans and more. To learn about specific risks in your area, contact us at 9912-368-2201 or on Facebook.

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