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Again, vaccines should not be politicized
Patty Leon new

A majority of the GOP have stated that former President Donald Trump deserves the credit for getting the COVID vaccines done as rapidly as possible, under Operation Warp Speed.

Yet it is also the majority of the GOP that are refusing to get vaccinated. Marjorie Taylor Greene went as far as making yet another highly stupid tweet in regards to President Joe Biden’s push to get people vaccinated, comparing the push with the Holocaust.

Greene tweeted, “People have a choice, they don’t need your medical brown shirts showing up at their door ordering vaccinations. You can’t force people to be part of the human experiment.”

The term “brown shirts” refers to the paramilitary group that helped facilitate Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in the 1930s and ‘40s. Another twisted and despicable bunch of mouth vomit from the freshman representative of the 14th congressional district of Georgia.

But, if she is praising Trump for the vaccines, isn’t it really Trump’s human experiment? Isn’t most of the GOP saying that Trump laid the groundwork for the vaccine roll-out but then had his office stolen from him in a fraudulent election? (Aka – the Big Lie).

So basically, the GOP is in the corner yelling, “Donald Trump was the best President in the world. Thanks to him we have these vaccines!”

While in the same breath saying, “You can’t make me take a vaccine I don’t trust.”

So, does this mean the GOP doesn’t trust Trump enough to think he got this Operation Warp Speed right?

“Hey, this was Trump’s idea and doing, and if it’s anything like his other business ventures it is going to fail miserably,” they told each other in secrecy. “By the love of all that is good, don’t get the shot.”

Or, does this mean the new conspiracy theory among the GOP is that, Donald Trump brilliantly got the vaccines done, knowing full well that only the DEMS would get vaccinated, turn into magnetized-mutants, or worse, thereby allowing the GOP to take control?

Okay let’s say there is an inch of truth to this. In the long run who do you all think would become more powerful?

A mere human with a slew of semi-automatic rifles and bullets? Or a mutant Super-human capable of using his magnetic powers to bend all the metal on those rifles with the mere flick of a wrist?

Haven’t you watched X-Men? Don’t you know who Magneto is?

Now, knowing that most DEMS did get vaccinated. And knowing they showed out to cast a ballot and beat Trump by more than 7 million votes in the 2020 election, wouldn’t that suggest that the

vaccinated mutant population will soon outnumber the population of the anti-vaxxers?

Take into account the data indicating the Delta variant is killing off the unvaccinated at a far more rapid rate. And that most of people unvaccinated live in Red States. Wouldn’t that create a world of fewer unvaccinated people and a larger population of the Super Mutant vaccinated people?

Or maybe the truth is the Super Mutant vaccinated population will be swiftly taken out by an even more powerful magnet that Trump and the GOP are building at Mar-a-Lago. Maybe the plan, all along, was to get the DEMS to take the shot and the yearly boosters so their bodies develop enough magnetism to get sucked into a Super Gigantic X-Men magnetic scooper and send them into space.

Or maybe, and far more likely, Big Pharma is playing this game on all of us. They knew the anti-vaxxers would die off. Their yearly boosters will mean the Super Mutants will become more dependent on their products.

You know, kind of like the whole Opiate addiction thing!

Big-Pharma wipes out our government as we know it today and takes over the world, controlling the feeble-bodied with their meds and allowing the ones who can’t afford to buy into their system to die off.

And they’d use the Super mutants as their own military against the rest of the world.

So, what’s the point of all this madness?

I still believe it is a personal choice in whether you get vaccinated or not. Both sides of the fence are wrong for making this a political issue. Don’t follow the flock just because you’re a DEM or a member of the GOP. You should do your best to research as much as possible and gather the facts and science and then follow your heart and mind.

But definitely don’t take advice from a politician who spews Anti-Semitism and hatred all in the hopes of lining their pockets. Someone like that doesn’t care whether you’re a member of their party or not, nor whether you live or die.

-Patty Leon


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