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Being thankful is a family tradition
Letter to the Editor
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Editor, It’s that time of year when families gather together to give thanks. This was my late father’s favorite time of year. It was a yearly tradition that my father would submit to the local paper a list of things for which he was thankful. As his daughter and in his honor and memory, I would like to carry on that tradition. I hope it touches the lives of those who didn’t know him and brings a smile to the faces of those who did.

— Becky Chambless

What I am thankful for:

• Four wonderful children who called me Dad (Carl, Jimmy, Al and Becky), their spouses (Donna, Donna, Donna and Royce) and 10 precious younger ones who called me “granddaddy” (Erica, Tori, Conner, Justin, James Thomas, Alison, Erin, Jessica, Alex and Tyler ). I’m also thankful for my three great-granddaughters (Kayden, Karsyn and Kylen) and my great-grandson (Braedon).
• Having all of them home during the Thanksgiving season

• Those who are unashamedly patriotic

• Those who protect our nation, our homes, our health and our safety

• The sounds of children at play

• Memories of Mama’s country desserts and sweets, rice pudding, peanut brittle, hand-pulled syrup taffy, a sweet tater baked all day under oak and hickory ashes in an open fireplace, hot buttered biscuits with muscadine jelly, popcorn syrup balls, tea cakes and the rare snow ice cream made from pure snow, sugar, cream and vanilla.

• Those who inspire and encourage

• Lasting friendships

• Neighborly neighbors

• The subdued, panoramic, prismatic, brilliant hues God splashes on the western horizon at sunset

• A Sunday-school class that, on occasion, has come to my house or hospital room so that I could continue to enjoy the blessings of consecutive Sunday school lessons

• A courteous, friendly smile at the checkout counter

• Business calls answered by a real-life person rather than a computer

• Parents who firmly instill respect, reason, restraint and responsibility into their children

• Those, such as myself, who are thankful every day of the year for the blessings we enjoy

May you and yours be blessed on this day and throughout life.

— Bill Owen

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