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Bike Ride Across Georgia is coming
Limerick Plantation happenings
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B.R.A.G. coming to Hinesville: Little did I know when I started the Bike Ride Across Georgia in 1980, that it would still be going strong in 2007. This year’s route will bring them to Bradwell Institute on next Friday. If you’ve never witnessed 1,600 people on bicycles, now is your chance. Just be kind and give them the right-of-way as they make their way into Hinesville to Bradwell. There will be plenty of festivities and food for everyone. This is the second time the bikers have been hosted by the city of Hinesville. The next morning, they will make their way down Highway 17 to Savannah and Daffin Park, where yours truly will give a welcome speech. My dream of bringing thousands of people to our great state, to see it from the seat of a bicycle has come true. Georgia has it all; mountains, plains, beaches and great people.

Kudos: A big thank you to friend Jack Kerr of Lake George for recently giving me two plants I didn’t have; Mexican sage and calendula, a giant marigold. I reciprocated by taking him two plants he didn’t have. Aren’t plant friends wonderful?

Is it a sign of age? Am I finally getting old? I have all the symptoms. A flashlight in every room. A night light in every room. A calendar in every room. A notebook on the kitchen table to write down things my “rememberer” can’t remember. Thank goodness I am not farsighted or I’d probably have a pair of glasses in every room.

Blooming babies: Every day my yard brings me such pleasure. My plants are my babies. I talk to them. I feed and water them. I visit them every day. Right now my huge oakleaf hydrangea blooms are turning from pure white to pink. I have day lilies and Easter lilies blooming at several places in my yard. If you’ve never seen native butterfly weeds blooming, you are missing an awesome sight. I have several varieties, all of which I have “rescued” off the side of the road. Some bloom white, but the orange ones are such a delight. My coral bean plants are now producing huge bean pods, which will eventually turn brown and pop open exposing deep red seeds. My elderberry trees are in full bloom. Finally my society garlic is blooming. Their purple blooms add wonderful color to the landscape. My “obedient” plants are also purple, but the drought has stunted them this year, even though I water them regularly. I’ve always advised my family, friends and neighbors to plant fruit trees. Why waste your money on plants that just sit there and do nothing. Right now I have two varieties of grapes....Fry and Cowart, that will produce white and black scuppernongs. I have five fig trees that are loaded with fruit. My pear tree has one lone pear on it and apple tree should bear next year. I have a Satsuma tangerine that is too young to produce yet and my Meier lemon still has not earned its keep. My “rescued” haw tree is loaded. Found it on the roadside near Guyton. My pink grapefruit tree is loaded. I waited too late to pick the rest of my two kumquat trees — 40 lbs. left on them in March. They should have been picked in January, so blossoms are late. The warm and dry weather has stunted the blossoms on my loquat plums, however my Methley plum tree is loaded with fruit. I also have a young pomegranate tree that won’t produce until it matures, given to me by my friend Roy Hansel of Arlen Oaks. My five mulberry trees bloomed and produced fruit, but the birds got all of the fruit before I even got to taste the first one. I have a pink grapefruit seedling that came up recently. I planted three but only one came up. I also have a key lime seedling. I planted a row of red bell peppers from seed I saved from one I bought. I transplanted two of them to pots and gave one to my mom and her neighbor, Zada. In my garden I have green basil, white corn, lemon basil, carrots, potatoes, banana peppers, cucumbers, five varieties of tomatoes, garlic, multiplying onions and one maverick watermelon plant than came up on its own. I’ve planted red castor beans in my garden to ward off insects. I managed to save a few peaches on my two trees. The birds and squirrels love them. I have a native persimmon and a Fuyu persimmon, both of which are too young to bear yet.

Mark your calendars:
June 9-23: Watermelon Days Festival at Cordele. Arts, crafts, parade, street dance, seed spitting contests, talent shows & lots of watermelon. 229-273-1668
June 14: Flag Day. Fly your flag proudly
June 15: B.R.A.G. at Bradwell Institute
June 17: Father’s Day
June 22: Coastal Electric Cooperative’s 2007 Annual Meeting-Midway Middle School Gym at 425 Edgewater Drive
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