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Bradwell football needs a change
Letter to the editor
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The past three years of Bradwell football have been the worst in the history of this once-proud program. Myself and other longtime supporters tried to have something done about this last year. From talking to BI Principal Scott Carrier, school-board members and the school-system superintendent — it fell on deaf ears.

I believe that they thought by bringing this up and getting nothing done, that it would just go away. Well, it hasn’t gone away. Maybe they thought that this would light a fire under the coaching staff and there would be improvement. Well, it didn’t, and the program showed no signs of getting any better this year.

After about the third game this past season, I was asked by numerous fans at the games about when something would be done about the head coaching job. It is pretty sad that even with our new field house and new stadium, only about one-quarter of the stadium is filled during games.

I was told last year by the superintendent that Mr. Carrier has to make the call on the head coaching job. It is time for Mr. Carrier to replace the head football coach. If not, then the BoE or the superintendent need to get involved.

The football program has to have a new start, and it has to start at the top. The playoffs are winding down and the word needs to get out that Bradwell is looking for a new head coach.

Camden County, Lowndes, Valdosta — all of these schools with winning programs have coaches who are looking to be head coaches. We need to get someone with this type of pedigree to come in here and rebuild this program.

It’s not going to be an overnight fix. It is going to take a couple of years to change the attitude of the football program.

There needs to be a search group of former Harvey Overton Bradwell Booster Club members who know what this program was and where it needs to go. The days of Bradwell’s football program being laughed at need to end, and the sooner we can get a new head coach in here, the better.

It is time for someone in the school system to make this happen. Give the kids, Bradwell and the fans something to be proud about again.

— Robert M. Darby

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