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Bus fund should doom TSPLOST itself
Letter to the editor
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I was reading the Coastal Courier this past weekend and going over the list of projects for the TSPLOST that we are voting on July 31. This includes the Liberty Transit bus system.

The request for additional Liberty Transit bus-system funding was on this list in three places. This TSPLOST we’re voting on is requesting an additional $9.7 million to be spent on the “broken” Liberty Transit bus system that was in the newspaper. There are not enough citizens riding this bus system to justify spending any more of our tax dollars.

Liberty County doesn’t have the population to support this type of bus system. On any given day there are three to eight people riding the bus onto Fort Stewart. Most times, no one is riding and that’s on each route, the majority of the time, it’s only the driver.

Liberty County has six bus routes and seven buses. One of the buses is alternate bus. How long are we going to throw good money at a system that does not benefit our citizens at large and only costs us more money?

Liberty County voters are being ask to support this bus system, which is a fraud, a waste and an abuse of our tax dollars. As a payer of federal, state and local taxes, this is a disgrace to the hard-working people of Liberty County.

I’m trying to think positive; it’s just hard to do with this kind of spending. You decide with your vote whether you want to add this 1 percent tax on very one of your purchases for the next 10 years. The more tax dollars we send the more they spend.

I do support a bus system at a lot smaller scale, and only for the needy, but not at the magnitude of the current Liberty Transit bus system and not at this time in history, maybe in the future.

Yes, there are a few, worthwhile projects on the list, but there is only one vote and it’s either all or none with this vote.

Liberty County had a laundry list of projects a few years back to use the SPLOST funds and our county property taxes remains just as high if not higher than when the county SPLOST vote was passed. Our property taxes haven’t been lowered. You decide on this TSPLOST.

Ricky Parks

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