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Bus lines are necessary here
Letter to editor
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Editor, Here we go again. The rich people of Liberty County are  complaining about the Liberty bus line in the Sound off.
They are sending a clear message to the people who sell gas in Liberty County that they are willing to pay $5 to $10 a gallon. Boy, if I was in was in the gas business, I would be making a lot of money selling it in Liberty County, especially if the Liberty bus line is done away with.
I think I said this once before: Prices are set by what the customer is willing to pay for goods and services. And if the seller is still making a profit at a higher price, the seller will sell at a higher price and become greedy-rich. The United States and state governments don’t set the price on gas — big corporations like OPEC and the seller do.
If gas prices get too high and the Liberty bus line expands its services, there will be more people riding the Liberty buses and leaving their vehicles at home. There will also be less bugging out from job sites. We will be more productive.
As for Liberty County taxes, I bet more tax dollars are going toward the school system, Liberty and Hinesville justice departments and Liberty County EMS.
I hope this has helped some people understand why we need a bus line. I ride it every chance I get because I am going on 70 years old. I can’t afford to take a high-priced taxi to Winn Army hospital because that costs $10  one way. It only costs $1 to and from WACH by Liberty bus.
This is the first military base that I was stationed at that didn’t have a local bus-line infrastructure. Fort Lewis, Wash., had a tri-county bus line that ran from Fort Lewis to Tacoma to Seattle to Olympia. It cost 75 cents to ride. At Fort Gordon, the Augusta had a bus line that ran on Fort Gordon to Augusta.

— Robert J. Wetmore

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