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Candidates's record proves he's qualified
Letter to editor
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Editor, I believe our country is at a crossroads that will determine the course of our future. As we stand at this fork in the road, I find myself frightened because I do not trust that those who are choosing our path as a nation will fight for myself and other vet-
Our country’s leaders lack the warrior mentality that we once had, and this is due to a lack of a military presence in our nation’s government. The government took money of out the hands of current and future retirees from the armed forces. Is that where the cuts had to come from? Did we have to reach into the pockets of our veterans?
I have been searching for the veteran presence that could represent our district and it’s vast military community. We have finally found that man in Dr. Bob Johnson, a candidate for the 1st Congressional District. We need a leader who is willing to give veterans and their families a voice, someone who will take care of the service members who have served of our country.
I personally know that Dr. Bob is dedicated to serving his fellow man. It’s evident in the years of service he has given to his country and community. I feel he represents our greatest hope to resurrect our country’s fighting spirit and ensure we choose the path that leads to a bright future. We need a candidate with honor, integrity and experience — Dr. Bob Johnson.  

— Tarl Lancaster

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