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Celebrating a legendary man
Letter to the Editor
ed edwards


On July 23, Saturday there was an event at the Dorchester Civic Center to celebrate the recent 90th birthday of Edgar M. Edwards our legendary high school principal at Bradwell Institute on Washington avenue. The event was planned and presented by the BI class of 1966 which celebrates their 50th anniversary this year. Tommy Davis was the one most responsible for creating and producing this historical event. I know that he put a lot of work into the preparation as well as  the production on Saturday.

Over a hundred old Lions and their companions attended. There was plenty of food as well as a wonderful program MC’d by Tommy Davis. W.L. Hall was the lead speaker followed by Buddy Deloach, Allen Brown, Candler Boyd and yours truly. The remarks from W.L. were revealing and light hearted but also reflected his love for Mr. Ed, as did all the remarks of everyone who spoke.

Olin Fraser sang Stewball as he had done so long ago during a talent show at Bradwell in 1963 and Rodney Riley  performed a very appropriate Old Folks, both were very good.

WL and Gerald Deloach gave some insight into the old days of Hinesville and Liberty County with a revealing recollection of their having killed some of Mr Gibbs ducks on a dove shoot. I guess they thought they were shooting doves on steroids. Buddy and Allen as well as Candler told delightful tales of their days with Mr. Ed in high school as well as throughout life.

Tommy wanted to acknowledge Vera Mobley, Marian Muncher Carter, Angie Smiley and Barbara Karnstedt Smith  Gintz for their attending to the food of which there was plenty and many other ladies brought plates of snacks. The kitchen facility is perfect for such an occasion.

We also are grateful to Doris Rogers and Ann Browning who decorated the tables and helped with setting up the room.

Additionally Chief Morningstar of the Midway Police Department provided oversight of the event.

All who attended appeared to have a wonderful time. I personally am glad that it happened. I thank Tommy and all who contributed to the success of this event. I’m grateful to all of those responsible for the creation and maintenance/operation  of the Dorchester Civic Center. We are lucky to have such a facility and Saturday there was a very special gathering of old Hinesville and old Liberty county community school alumni from the 1904s, ’50s and ’60s.

We all attended a “community school” because all students in the county attended the same school from first grade through 12th grade. I have always believed that a lot of “the magic” at Bradwell was due to the fact that grades one through 12 were all located on a single campus. Although I grew up in the McIntosh community, I had friends from all over the county.

All in all it will have been one of the better memories of our community from long ago having gathered together again as we are all in the autumn, if not in fact the winter, of our lives.

Jimmy Smith
McIntosh community

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