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City should meet citizens needs
Midway perspective
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Whenever I need a nap, I attend the monthly meeting of the Midway City Council. I have yet to see the council discuss important issues, or anyone on the council motion to do something really important, except Councilman Doyle.

The council can start by looking into the city’s relationship with the county. The county is taking advantage of the city financially. Why are we paying our property taxes to the county?

We have a police department, which is a cost the county no longer has, yet there is no refund. Where is the mosquito truck? Where is any county service? I want our money back from the county!

When is the city going to do anything about getting more businesses to open here? Midway is the gateway to Hinesville and Fort Stewart, as all traffic from I-95 must go through the city. Where are the hotels and fast food restaurants? It seems there is a new business approved every week in Hinesville. Where is the manufacturing? How about starting a major zoo, amphitheater or Legoland East to draw visitors from Savannah? The nearest zoo is in Jacksonville, and there is undeveloped land near Cay Creek. The city could work with Fort Stewart and build a larger museum closer to the freeway that’s easier to get to than the one at the fort. The Savannah area is a great tourist destination. Midway should take advantage of this.  

Richmond Hill is getting crowded. Midway needs to promote major housing projects. We are only 30 minutes from downtown Savannah.  

There are 23 street lights on Martin Boulevard, but only one in all of Lyman Hall and two on Lake Gale Drive. Citizen safety should be priority one for the city. The mayor says this will be addressed when there is money. What is she doing with the 4 percent tax on our electric bills? Councilman Doyle has been fighting for these lights since 2009.  

I asked the mayor to update the city’s ordinances, which have not been updated since 1989, at least not on the city’s website. We can only be informed if the city gives us current ordinances that we can reference. Does the city have up-to-date ordinances?
The city boundaries are strange. For example, the Midway Industrial Park is not in Midway. None of the industrial parks are in the city. If you live on Lakeshore Drive, the middle of the street divides the city from the county. It is time that the city starts annexing areas that should be within the city proper.

Calderone is a conservative who lives in Midway and has written for trade publications in various fields.

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