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Comcast price hike unacceptable
Letter to editor
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Editor, The following is a letter I recently sent to Comcast:
I have received your pamphlet titled, “Important information about your prices and services,” which describes changes that will be effective July 1, 2011. I have reviewed the information and find the projected increases unacceptable. 
If I were to continue my service with your company, my monthly bill would increase from $155.92 to $163.81 per month.  The rate of this increase exceeds any pay raise or cost-of-living adjustment I will receive. Thus, you have priced yourself out of my budget. If you rethink this matter, see fit to “grandfather” me at my current rate or extend me some type of senior-citizen discount, I will remain with Comcast.  If not, I will be forced to look elsewhere for these services.
I find your reduced services combined with these price increases extremely distasteful.
Thank you for your attention, and I await your response on this matter.

— Joseph L. Gillam

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