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Congressional gridlock to continue into foreseeable future
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It’s hard to understand how members of a lawmaking and policy-making body with an approval rating that’s lower than 20 percent can keep their jobs.

But for members of the U.S. Congress, re-election this year will be, just as in the past, an absolute cake-walk. There are few individuals who can raise the hundreds of thousands that’s often necessary to take an incumbent out of office, bring him or her home.

The most recent AP-Gfk opinion poll gives Congress a public approval rating of just 18 percent. When asked, voters say Republicans and Democrats are doing more to try to help themselves and their political futures than they are the nation itself.

They can’t seem to get anything done, and chances are it will continue that way until at least 2013.

Expect continued impotency in the federal government and little more when Republicans own the House of Representatives and Democrats control the Senate.

One negates the other, even when the public good and the nation’s future are on the line.

There’s no consensus to do anything in Washington, save for beating each other up politically, before the presidential election in November. And, it should be noted, both sides are doing a fantastic good job at making “the other guy” look bad.

Everything wrong with the country is either the fault of Republicans or the fault of Democrats, depending on which political entity is asked. It doesn’t seem to matter that problems bedeviling the nation are the fault of both.

If only they would expend as much energy and creativity at tackling and resolving the nation’s woes.

May 15, The Brunswick News

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