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Congressman Carter is right choice
Letter to the editor

Editor: Contrary to what a recent letter to the editor said, Congressman Buddy Carter is the representative we need in the First District of Georgia.

No matter how you feel about President Trump, it’s still clear that what we had before wasn’t working. Our health care system is broken, we are in tremendous debt, and we are less safe than we have ever been before. It’s actually a scary reality we live in right now and that is why I support Congressman Carter.

Since he was elected, he has wasted no time addressing these critical issues for us in Washington. As a pharmacist, he joined his fellow health care professionals to create a plan to fix our health care system. No matter what the media tells you, they do have a plan to fix health care that you can find online, and I am grateful that my congressman is actively part of the solution. He was also a member of the Homeland Security Committee, where he worked tirelessly to find ways to defend our homeland and destroy ISIS.

While these are just two examples, Buddy is absolutely fighting for us and he finally has an opportunity with the new president to make this a reality.

I also appreciate having a congressman who is honest and open with his constituents.

The author of the letter to the editor claims Buddy can’t come to a balanced opinion that is defensible, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Buddy is constantly telling us what’s going on and explains why it’s happening.

Look no further than explaining his support for Trump. Buddy said from the beginning that he will support the Republican nominee and I couldn’t be happier to have a representative who is aware that Donald Trump is now our president and is willing to work with him because that is what is best for us. The last eight years have been nothing more than partisan gridlock and I thank Buddy for realizing that we must end that toxic cycle.

To my fellow constituents, I truly believe we couldn’t have a better representative than Congressman Buddy Carter. If you want a representative who is fighting for us every day in a transparent way, you already have one.

In closing, I also have one message for Rep. Buddy Carter - keep up the good work.

Sean Register

Richmond Hill

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