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Conservatives should vote for McCain
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Recently, Dr. James Dobson came out publicly and stated that if Arizona Sen. John McCain carries the Republican nomination for the presidency he would not cast a vote in the 2008 presidential election.
Dobson, who is one of the most powerful evangelical Christian leaders in this country, states that his reasoning is that he is convinced that the senator is not a conservative, and that McCain has "gone out of his way to stick his thumb in the eyes" of conservatives.
I also heard this same logic from a friend the other day, which was so adamant about McCain's views on social issues that he said he could not vote for the man either.
Well as much as I respect Dr. Dobson and as much as I like and respect my friend, all I can say to both of them is, "Waaaaaa, I don't like the team we picked, so I'm taking my ball home, and know one is going to play with it."
Folks; taking this stance is ignorant, illogical and will pure and simpl, hurt our country.
Since I have been old enough to vote for president I have voted for GOP candidates in all elections, except one, where I was fooled into voting for a midget from Texas named Perot.
But of the other seven elections the only time I had the person who was my first choice as the GOP candidate was when Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush were the nominees.  In the rest of the elections, my guys never made it to the big dance, so I basically had to vote for "the lesser of two evils".
I make no bones about who I vote for, and won't hesitate to tell people who I support.  This past Super Tuesday, I cast my vote for Mike Huckabee and I hoped he would come out at the end of the day as the GOP's choice.  Unfortunately it didn't happen and McCain will be the Republican nominee, who by no means is the conservative candidate I want on the ticket.  
But McCain is still head and shoulders, more conservative than Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Sheesh, give me a break.
Dr. Dobson stated that his choice not to cast a vote, should McCain be the GOP candidate, was of his own personal choice, and was not reflective of, as he put it, "the organization I am affiliated with", which as we all know is Focus on the Family.
The Focus on the Family radio series runs every day on conservative and Christian radio stations all over this country and Dobson knows, whether he will admit or not, that his stance on this issue will keep many people away from the polls come Nov. 4.
Folks, it is childish and selfish to take a stance like this based on any one or two issues, period.  
In most elections today, we as conservatives don't usually get the candidate we desire, because the morality of our country is in a decline and most people do not believe in accepting responsibility for their actions.  This is sad, but it is true.
Lets see, President Barack Hussein Obama or maybe President Hillary Rodham Clinton and First Husband (Slick Wil..., oh excuse me) Bill Clinton; is that what conservatives in America want for the next four years? I don't think so.
McCain is not as conservative as I would like him to be, but the two I just mentioned are hard-line liberals. If you don't believe me, you can go to numerous sites on the web that rate candidates. just type in "on the issues."
Folks, we have to think about the big picture and when push comes to shove, McCain will help our country a whole lot more than Obama or Clinton will hurt it.  Think about it.
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