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Countdown to self-destruct starts
Patty Leon new

The craziness of 2020 continues. 

North Carolina got hit with a 5.1 magnitude earthquake over the weekend. The first earthquake in that area in one hundred years. We have raging wildfires burning parts of California, yet again. 

And then there is college football!

The Big-10 and MAC Conferences have cancelled their football seasons as well as a few other colleges and Universities. 

Meanwhile several high profile players have tweeted that they, “Want to play football this season,” urging college football to adopt universal health guidelines; allow players to opt out, as some already have; and declared that they wanted to use their “voices to establish open communication and trust between players and officials.”


Speaking of opting out. NFL players have the choice to opt out and still make more money per year than I will see in my lifetime. And half of the New England Patriots have already opted out. You think they knew that is was going to be a rough season without Brady and Gronk? I do.

But then again what do I know, I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan!

President Trump is considering drafting a regulation that would expand the government’s power to prevent entry by AMERICAN citizens and legal residents, SUSPECTED of having COVID-19 from returning home to the U.S.  in individual, limited circumstances.

“Hey, we know you’re an American Citizen, but you MIGHT have COVID so, too bad, so sad, you can’t come home.”

How can this be?

President Trump also signed four executive orders for COVID-19 relief this past weekend, but American’s won’t see benefits without congressional approval. When will that happen? Was it legal? Can he force the states to pay their share? Will the payroll tax cut help or hurt Social Security and Medicare who rely on that tax for funding? Who the heck knows!


What the heck is going here? Why can’t they get their stuff together?

Because the folks in the White house and the folks in Congress can’t sit down together and play nice, long enough to get anything done for the sake of the nation and its people.

And then there’s the issue on voting. 

Vote by mail! NO! Don’t vote by mail!

But why not? President Trump voted by mail! Military families often vote by mail. You should have the right to choose how and when. Yes, I said when. If you wait to vote until Nov. 3, you best be prepared for long lines, bad tempers and fights between the maskers and the anti-maskers, the pro-lifers vs the pro-choicers and the people of Dunkin’ Donuts vs. the Krispy Kreme Crew. 

Early voting starts Oct. 12! Go early, avoid long lines and vote. This gives people plenty of time, with smaller crowds and less waiting to do your civic duty.

You can request an absentee ballot and NOT mail it in by dropping it off at the designated location. In Liberty County that would be the Old Historic Courthouse where the Board of Elections Office is located. This way you don’t need to worry about the Post Office.

I don’t care how you vote just make sure you do. It’s important.

And then just the other day I learned something that just seemed to unfathomable to believe it existed. There is a real organization, one that is proudly celebrating being around for 42 years.

This group is the North American Man/Boy Love Association.

Hold on to you hats folks, this quote comes directly from their website.

“Man/boy relationships provide affection, protection and mentoring for the younger partner as well as sexual and affectional expression and companionship for both. This view is widely held by many anthropologists, behaviorists, historians and other experts. To explain man/boy love today, one must first explain what it is not: It is not what you view on television or read in newspapers. It’s not what you hear on Oprah or Geraldo, nor is it the propaganda put out by police and politicians. It’s the love of a man for a boy, and of a boy for a man. Enjoyable, consensual, beautiful.”

And they actually have a donation button and membership application so you can join them!


This view is only held by people who engage or support these pedophiles. PERIOD!

What is going on in our world today? How did we get here?

I’m starting to believe the world did end in 2012 and we were all thrust into this alternate reality. The artificial intelligence that created this alternate universe didn’t realize just how rotten people could be. And now that they’ve realized it, they’ve hit the self-destruct button and they’re going to let the chips fall where they may.

T-minus ten and counting!

                         Patty Leon

Senior Editor

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