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Coverage of priest's removal unfair
Letter to editor
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Editor, It appears gossip and trash without evidence takes precedence when it comes to the group of SNAP.
When Father Poandl was accused a few years ago of indiscretions, the paper saw to give SNAP more ink than the accused. The judge threw the accusations out. Where was your retraction or apology ink then?
Now the same garbage has popped up from another place. We Holy Cross members do not know the details, yet you give SNAP more ink. If we don’t know, how does SNAP know? Do they “create” news?
I only wish you could understand that Fr. Poandl has feelings and is beloved by his earthly family; church family and all those he has counseled in their times of need. A better person would be hard to find.  If Fr. Poandl was your blood kinsperson, would you give SNAP one drop of ink?
Patricia Barbee, of Holy Cross, Pembroke.

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