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Disabled vets earn special parking
Letter to editor
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Editor, I am so tired of the dirty looks we get when we park in the handicapped parking and get out of our vehicles. We have D.V. tags on our vehicles. My husband is a D.V. — disabled veteran.
What’s the difference between being handicapped and a disabled veteran?
Disabled vets got that way being in the military. They earned the right to park there. You will see a lot more D.V. tags from now on. Give us some respect. We earned it. Check the tags on vehicles parked in the handicapped parking.
Another thing: So many times when we park, a family will pull up next to us, get out and put the handicapped marker on the mirror. And not one handicapped person gets out. Don’t be using that if there’s no handicapped person in your vehicle. Park like everyone else.

— Janet Lee Hughes

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