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Do you recognize the breed of this fish
Steve Scherez forces Godzilla to the surface. - photo by Photo by Pat Watkins
We have a debate swirling through our neighborhood. No it’s not whether the recent health-care reform bill will bankrupt America or improve our lives. And it’s not whether Iran really has an underground nuclear facility designed to develop weapons.
It is what kind of fish is Godzilla.
Godzilla was named by my wife after she spotted him in the pond behind our house a month or so ago. It likes cat food and has been visiting frequently since Jan started feeding it.
Godzilla’s breed became the crux of conversation at a recent party. Jan thinks it’s an oscar that someone threw in when it got too big for an aquarium.
Steve Vollrath, who we’re surprised hasn’t grown gills from all of his fishing, couldn’t name the breed. Joe Jackson, who hunts more than fishes but has more than a couple hours on the water, thinks its a mutant perch; blue gill or red spot. Even master angler Steve Scherez wasn’t sure.
So Scherez soaked some cat food long enough to get it on a hook and quickly snagged what we hope is the biggest creature in Lake Priscilla.
Even after getting it to the surface at the shore, my angling friends couldn’t agree on what it could be. And the only difference I know between fish is when one is baked and another is fried.
So I’m printing the best photo taken of the encounter, hoping someone out there will recognize Godzilla and let us know what it is. E-mail your thoughts to Recipes suggestions would be welcome too.
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