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Don't be tricked into SPLOST vote
Letter to the editor
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Editor, I am tired of politicians using scare tactics to get voters to buy what they are selling. Hinesville Mayor Jim Thomas said we need SPLOST to draw businesses because new businesses don’t want to locate next to a shack. My question is, why do the shacks exist anyway? How many “shacks” will he replace if SPLOST goes through?
We also are warned that our property taxes will go up if SPLOST doesn’t pass, because the county still owes money for past projects. Why is the county spending more money than it knows it will take in? Government doesn’t care how they spend our money, as long as they can pat themselves on the back for all of the “great projects” that they used our money to build.
The new Liberty County Justice Center is testament to the county’s failure to control costs, and it should have been scaled back to fit the original cost estimate. Now, they want to add to the existing runway at the airport at a huge cost. The extension will be long enough for a Delta jet to land here. This is a waste, and there are many other projects that are wastes.
They try to sell SPLOST to the taxpayer by claiming that someone else will pay for these projects because a large number of sales come from people who live outside of the county. This is a blatant lie. Liberty County residents are going to pay. As an example, if you spend $1,000 a month in Liberty County, you will pay over $120 a year in SPLOST taxes. I can imagine the clamor if the county raised our property taxes by $120 a year.
We, the voters, should determine how we want our tax dollars spent and then decide how to accomplish the task, not just let a handful of people make these decisions for us.
It’s time to tell the politicians to stop spending our money. It’s time to close the checkbook and tell the politicians that they, like us, must live within their means.

— Len Calderone

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