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Dont make mountains of molehills
Letter to the editor
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Editor, The recent Courier articles and subsequent opinions concerning the swearing in of elected officials leave me with mixed emotions — one of joy, the other sadness and dismay.

Joyful that I was born and raised in an integrated community of housing, schools, churches, Boy Scout troops and military service. My upbringing allowed me to see the world as it is: a wonderful myriad of people, their cultures and, yes, daily events.

Sadness and pity for those who perhaps are less fortunate and perceive there is some sort of racial divide because different folks were sworn in at different times and locations.

It didn’t bother me those we elected weren’t all sworn in at the same time and place, just as it doesn’t bother me that the president and Congress weren’t sworn simultaneously, or that the secretary of state and attorney general weren’t holding hands during their oaths of office.

Stuff happens. It’s not always a black/white thing.

Folks should stop trying to make mountains out of molehills.

— Bruce A. McCartney
Trade Hill community

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