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Driving instructor discusses passing
Letter to editor
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Editor, It is my hope this letter might clarify some comments in Sound off concerning driving laws. I am a Georgia DDS certified defensive driving instructor. I will quote from actual statutes.
There is no law that requires anyone to move over to allow another person to pass unless a driver is driving slower than the speed limit. However, the law does say that if it is apparent a driver desires to pass you, you “should” move over if it is safe to do so. The law also states that if you are driving slower than the “normal” flow of traffic, you “should” move to the right of the faster traffic.
It is permissible in Georgia to pass either on the right or left, if done in a safe and prudent manner.
Concerning drivers who tailgate or follow too closely: Those drivers are breaking the law and an officer could charge them with aggressive driving.
As a side note, tailgating is a leading cause of traffic accidents, and speeding is a major cause of accidents and accounts for about one-third of all fatalities. Most fatalities that occur in our area are reported as the driver losing control while speeding.
Remember, everyone on the road has the goal of getting somewhere safely. We must share the road. Please slow down and be courteous.
— Edgar Alexander

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