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Duncan on Shafer's runoff concession
State Rep Geoff Duncan
State Rep. Geoff Duncan is the Republican candidate for Lt. Governor.

“I want to thank David Shafer for his years of public service and for all that he has done to grow the Republican Party here in Georgia,” said Georgia Republican Lt. Gov. nominee Geoff Duncan. 

“The runoff election to determine who would become the nominee of our party was a fierce, competitive battle that was decided by 1,597 votes out of the 559,333 votes cast. Because the outcome fell within 1 percent, David had every right to request a recount. 

By not requesting a recount, David put the interest of the party and the taxpayers of Georgia before himself, and for that I thank him.

“Primary elections are tough family discussions and my race with David was no different. David was a tough as nails, talented opponent who ultimately made me a better candidate. David’s selfless action allows our campaign to immediately focus on winning the general election against a liberal Democrat who won her primary more than 10 weeks ago.

“Let me be clear, it will be extraordinarily difficult to win in November without David Shafer and his supporters, and I look forward to working together over the next three months to unite with the ultimate goal of defeating an energized and very liberal Democrat base.”

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