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The end of Social Security is coming
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor,

For 85 years American workers have been part of a contract with the federal government. Each week, you pay into Social Security so your grandparents and, later, your parents will have money to live on in their later years. In return, the government promises the same benefit will be there for you some day.

That contract is being broken.

President Trump has suspended collection of the payroll savings tax and says, if re-elected, he will eliminate it permanently.

Social Security, he says, will be paid for out of the general fund. When that happens, financial experts say next March is the last month people will receive payments. The Social Security Trust Fund will be broke.

Instead of being a nationwide, self-funded pension plan, Social Security then will become welfare for old

folks. All the money you have paid into it over the years will be simply gone and, upon retirement, you will be entirely dependent on the whims of Congress for financial support.

Dependent on people like Georgia Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler who, upon being informed an epidemic was coming that would kill hundreds of thousands of Americans, called their stockbrokers– thereby clearly exhibiting their deep concern for the elderly.

Linda Witt Hinesville


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