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FPCA students thank Jay Osteen
Letter to editor
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Editor,  Some of the students at FPCA and some of us who graduated last year wish to inform the citizens of Hinesville that there needs to be recognition of Mr. Jay Osteen.
He is someone who, because of his vision and determination to make this a better place, has hung in there for all of us. People really don’t know all that he set out to do to help this community.
Ask the kids at St. James Community Center and that great church and those kids in the street out there how hard Mr. Jay has worked to help those families and kids have a better place to work and study and worship.
Ask the people at Gabriel’s House what it means to have a safe shelter for abused and neglected children. We know he has struggled to keep it alive sometimes with no help or support from the community.
He had a vision for our school and never gave up and still won’t. Our families are so thankful for Mr. Jay and the chance he and First Presbyterian Church have given us. He probably has given more of his own time and money and determination than anyone realizes. And he probably has had to give up time with his own family for all of us. Mrs. Katie and their family really have been here for us.
It is time he also is recognized for the wonderful, true Christian man he is. We just wanted to say thank you.

— First Presbyterian Christian Academy

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