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Friends make to-do list easier
Military spouse
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It happened just as I feared. Our lease — along with the one-month extension my husband managed to negotiate — is up before we’ve closed on the house we’re buying.
That means all of our belongings must be moved out of the house before we even leave for our inconveniently timed vacation.
That also means that when we get back from vacation, our living situation probably will be up in the air for a few days.
My to-do list looks more and more like an unattainable wish list each time I glance at it.
Sure, we’ve managed to fill up half a storage unit so far, but most of the big furniture will have to wait until Sunday afternoon. We plan to leave for Iowa on Sunday at midnight.
Here’s the kicker: This all happened while my sister and two friends — both of whom are pregnant — are here visiting for the week.
To any man who ever has complained about too much estrogen in one house, I now understand what you were talking about.
And really, this whole transition only has served to make me more grateful for the support we receive in a place where we really still should be strangers.
Friends from church have stepped forward to help with the move without hesitation. Josh’s Army buddies have volunteered their help, too.
And even though this is a stressful situation and I’ve had more than one hormone-induced freak-out in the past few days, I honestly can say this new little hurdle placed in front of us has made me even more aware of how much we’ve been blessed since moving here.
Whether it’s help from friends or just knowing we at least have job security in the military, this is just one more thing to add to the growing list of things we can handle.
As a military spouse with a baby on the way, I imagine that list will just keep growing.

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