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Global warming is a scam to give government control of our lives
Letters to the Editor

Editor, Hey Boston, don’t you know that we are going through global warming? What’s with the record lows and record snowfall? Actually, global warming is a scam perpetrated by the government. I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but look at the facts. Throughout the history of the world, we have had warm periods and cold periods, as attested to by the Ice Age long before humans ever appeared.
Because of the global-warming hype, the Environmental Protection Agency has imposed many regulations on American manufacturers, forcing them to move to China and other countries, which costs millions of good-paying American jobs. This places many workers, who really do want to work, on welfare and other government subsidies. As long as you are getting these handouts, why not keep these politicians in power?
To pay for the handouts, the government takes from the middle class and the rich, reducing the amount of money needed to grow the economy. Soon, all of America will be dependent on government handouts. At that point, the government has complete control of your lives.
Why else would President Barack Obama veto the Keystone pipeline — which would create thousands of jobs — while giving amnesty to millions of illegals who will take more jobs from hard working Americans? Control. Who do you think the illegals will vote for? Yes, they will also be given the right to vote.
Do you remember what happened in Russia when they tried to control the people? They had poor housing, little food, no televisions or cars. Only the proletariat had these luxuries. It wasn’t until communism collapsed and capitalism replaced it that the Russian economy improved. You can see the same thing happening in China. Why are we headed in reverse? Because a few want power and control over the many, that’s why.
It’s time to become involved with your lives, and especially your children’s lives. Push Congress to do what is right — stop illegal immigration; do not believe false scientific statements (such as global warming); and tell the truth about Benghazi, ISIS, border protection, jobs and the economy. The president and Congress are supposed to work for us, but it seems that we are working for them.

— Len Calderone

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