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'Government schools' not ideal for kids
Letter to editor

Editor, One of the main topics of conversation in Liberty County appears to be the Liberty County school district. There have been complaints about the supervisor, the school board and the loss of good teachers.

Parents, why are you putting up with a failed school system? If you believe that the school system is so terrible, then sending your children to be educated by the government is the last thing that you should be doing. Your taxes are paying for the indoctrination of your children to the government’s way of thinking, which might be in conflict with your religious or moral philosophy.

You think that you are sending your children to “public schools,” but in reality, you are sending them to “government schools,” where the children are taught to accept as true everything the government wants them to believe and to execute everything that the government wants them to do. The schools are teaching that the government is omniscient and that “We the People” do not have a say. To prove my point, try having a prayer meeting or wearing a NRA T-shirt.

The schools have become ideologically worse, more expensive and federally controlled by a multibillion dollar bureaucracy. The curriculum is designed by the government, the textbooks are approved by the government, funding comes from money stolen from us in the form of taxes by the government, and the Department of Education oversees the entire process. Where do you, as a parent, come in? Does the school board even listen to you?

The children spend 13 years being indoctrinated by virtual strangers who must teach what they are told to teach and that what the Board of Education does is for the good of the children, when it is really to have control over the children later in life.

I went to private schools, where we were free to express ourselves and question the status quo. We were taught to think for ourselves. We learned what was important to succeed in life, and not a bunch of mumbo jumbo political correctness.

Why are you still placing your children in these indoctrination schools? Put them in private schools or homeschool them. Yes, this might be a sacrifice, but they are your children and the future of our country.

Len Calderone

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