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Monday is the deadline to register to vote in the coming July primary. Hopefully, you’ve already signed up to cast your ballot. If not, you still have time.
But if you’ve opted out of the process because you don’t think your vote matters, we urge you to think again.
After all, nearly every aspect of local life is impacted by local government. Taxes are assessed, collected and spent under the direction of local elected officials and those they appoint. Policies in our schools are set by a local board of education. Local city councils and county commissions decide everything from garbage fees to sign ordinances.
Whether your community has a tree ordinance depends on those in elected positions. What your community does to attract business and jobs is dependent on the men and women appointed by elected officials. Public recreation options can be traced back to elected officials.  
Indeed, the way in which your city or county handles traffic, noise, crime, litter and just about every other aspect of public life is ultimately impacted by people who at some point win an election.
Since they work for you, shouldn’t you have some say in who gets the job?

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