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Heed your speed on Islands Highway
Letter to editor
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Editor, If you can read your vehicles’ gauges, slow down.
The speed limit on Highway 84 east of I-95 (also known as Islands Highway) officially is now posted as 45 mph for several miles.
Perhaps from I-95 to the entrance of Tradeport East that could be justified (but that’s stretching it because it’s a three-lane road), but going on and on for miles?
I’ve seen several folks pulled to the side of the road by the GSP with lights flashing, getting paper from a trooper. 
They haven’t caught this sly, ol’ fox yet, but that’s probably because I can’t see the speedometer and I just wait until I get several cars stacked up behind me and blowing their horns before I know it’s safe to increase my speed.
You’ve been warned. And if you’re behind a slow white Ford pickup truck on Islands Highway and I’m past the 45 mph zone, just toot your horn a couple times and I’ll speed up. Thanks.

— Bruce A. McCartney
Trade Hill community

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