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Honor neat businesses, homes
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Cultivating a vibrant, productive community is a lot like growing a garden.
There are specific steps that have to be taken and certain elements — water, the right plants, soil for a garden — have to be part of the process. The appearance of a community is like that, too. It is dependent on local citizens, business people and community leaders figuring out how they can make a difference where they live, work and play.
We already have a number of people in our community who are doing this. They work to keep their homes and yards clean and well-maintained. They make sure the exteriors of their businesses or workplaces are attractive. They take leadership roles in their neighborhoods to keep their streets, green spaces and neighborhood entrances inviting.  
In my mind, transforming a community to be the best it can be is not really that overwhelming a task. We just have to motivate local citizens to do their parts where they are.
Why do we have a recognition programs, like the quarterly Win-dex Awards, which honor attractive businesses, and the HomeProud program, which showcases local homes and yards that are neat and well-groomed? It is simple — people who make the effort to have these attractive places appreciate that someone has noticed.
Interestingly, other people who notice when these places are recognized can start thinking about what they can do with their own yards or businesses. It can have a multiplying effect on our community. The more we highlight the positive properties out there, the more positive outcomes we will have. It’s like daylilies — they are pretty and multiply and produce more daylilies. Beauty actually can produce more beauty.
Many local businesses make our experiences in doing business with them pleasurable by creating and maintaining attractive locations. Why shouldn’t we recognize them and thank them for their efforts by nominating them for our quarterly Win-dex Awards? This program reminds all of us about how important appearances in our business districts are for a healthy community. These awards shine positive lights on outstanding businesses that make our community look good. Each quarter, we, along with our partner, the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce, select two winners from your nominations. The nomination process is simple — just email or call us and tell us why your choice should be considered.
Nominations will be accepted through Tuesday by contacting the KLB office by calling 880-4888 or emailing, or calling the chamber of commerce at 368-4445. Please fully explain why this business is deserving of this recognition.
Awards will be announced Oct. 9 at the chamber’s Progress through People Luncheon.
We also are taking nominations through Oct. 10 for attractive homes and yards for our HomeProud recognition program. There are lots of pretty, well-maintained yards all over Liberty County, and we want to let the owners know we appreciate their efforts.
We are looking for homes from all over the county that have attractive, litter- and junk-free yards. Any home can be kept maintained no matter what level of income the residents may have. Sometimes, it takes just a little elbow grease to keep things nice.
To nominate a home — even your own — contact us at KLB. We need the basics: names of the residents, address and, if you can, a picture of the home. The homes will be featured on our website,, our Facebook page and also in the gallery on's community pages.  
Do your part. Help us honor attractive businesses by sending in your nominations, but take a look at where you live and work and play. What can you do to make your little piece of the universe a paradise? Need ideas? Contact us at KLB. We want to honor your home or business, too.

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