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Honor those who help community look good
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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How our community looks, from our gateways to our business districts and our neighborhoods, defines what our community is all about.
I think we all want that to be positive, but it takes all of us looking for ways to improve the appearances of the places where we live, work and play. Whether you realize it or not, we are affected by what these areas look like. We all benefit when these community areas represent us well. Attractive, clean communities attract new businesses and new people who might want to live here.
We always appreciate those around us who are working toward creating the best community possible. It is, once again, time to recognize our local businesses that make that extra effort to make our community an engaging place to live, work and shop.
We are accepting nominations for our quarterly Win-dex Awards through the end of the month. Keep Liberty Beautiful and the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce each quarter will recognize two local businesses that are attractive and litter-free. You can have a say in what businesses are selected by sending in a nomination for a local business that deserves to be appreciated.
Since 2008, the Win-dex Awards have recognized a variety of local businesses that make the extra effort to present an inviting appearance. The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce and keep Liberty Beautiful sponsor the Win-dex Awards recognition program to encourage our business community as well as local citizens to remember that we are what we look like to those who visit our community. These businesses are run by people who have figured out that an attractive business is good business for them, too. Attractive businesses are an important component in creating a thriving and economically healthy community.  Inviting, successful businesses can create more business and attract more new businesses to our community.  Growing our business community helps to create more jobs and maintain a stable local economy. That is good for all of us! Help us celebrate the businesses making this kind of effort.
We call these awards the Win-dex Awards because we thought we should recognize those businesses that are so clean and litter-free that they have a “streak-free shine.” Every business can keep their exterior or storefront neat and their landscape attractive, no matter what the size or budget of the company.  
When making your nomination, think about the following:
• Is the exterior clean and litter-free?
• Is the landscape well-maintained?
• Is the building exterior attractive and not in need of repair?
• Is the frontage property mowed and litter-free? Is the sidewalk and parking area clean and maintained and free of cigarette butts?
• Are there plantings decorating the exterior?
• Have they recently upgraded or renovated? This could be a simple paint job to spruce things up, a full-scale renovation or new building.
• Is the entryway inviting?
There are plenty of these attractive businesses out there. Just take a look around you. Don’t hesitate if you want to nominate your own business or the business you work for.
Nomination forms are available from KLB (call 880-4888 or email ) or at the chamber office 368-4445.  
Awards will be announced in mid-April at the next Chamber Progress through People Luncheon.

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