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It’s Hot and We Are Keeping it Green And Beautiful
KLB butterflies

  Our summer interns from the Liberty County (Courtney and Angelira) and Riceboro (Unique and Jayveion) programs know too well how hot it is outside this summer.  Here at Keep Liberty Beautiful we are outside working hard in our garden and preparing for Rivers Alive, and for our Cigarette Litter Prevention Program.   We released butterflies in our certified Pollinator Garden, which was exciting to do.  We observe 10 butterflies life cycle up close with a butterfly kit from Insect Lore. The kit came with 10 baby caterpillars and everything we needed to get them growing! The entire metamorphosis took about 3 weeks.   The summer interns, KLB Staff, and visitors, like my grandson Bryce, watched the butterflies transform from caterpillars to chrysalides, to beautiful Painted Lady butterflies.  We let them go last week to pollinate our garden and the world!

While working in our Reading Garden we always try to plant native plants, which is better for the environment.  During my readings and receiving advice from one of our board members, Ashley Hoppers, native plants were recommended because they are better matched to growing in their native area. Native plants grew naturally in an area before humans began to bring in outside plants to grow and farm. Native plants adapted to the climate and cultural conditions of an area and became part of the ecosystem.  In our Reading Garden we are doing our part to “Keeping it Green” by planting native plants and making an effort to increase pollinator habitats in Liberty County. 

Keeping it Green is not the only thing we are doing this summer.  We are trying to Keep it Beautiful too.  Rivers Alive is our Fall cleanup that starts now until October.  Georgia has 70,250 miles of rivers and coastline and here in Liberty County we our doing part to help keep them clean.  The waterways provide citizens with fresh drinking water, recreational activities and wildlife habitats.  We need volunteers like you to make a difference in removing one piece of trash at a time.  The theme for this year Rivers Alive is Super Heroes!  Come be Keep Liberty Beautiful Super Hero and volunteer, yourself or a group for a cleanup.  You can contact KLB office at (912) 880-4888. 

One of Keep Liberty Beautiful goals this summer is to promote awareness and achieve a reduction of cigarette litter in Liberty County and Fort Stewart.  We are doing this by being a part of the Georgia’s Coast is not and Ashtray.ORG partnership.  Cigarette butts are so small, some people do not think it’s littering when cigarette butts are thrown on the ground.  KLB is giving away cigarette receptacles that can be placed on a building, or a pole, and some stand alone to anyone who needs one and want to take part in the Liberty County Proud and Beautiful program.  If you want information on the program email or call (912) 880-4888. 

We know it is hot outside but we all can do our part and make a difference to Keep Liberty County Green and Beautiful.  

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