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Keep kids safe around ice cream trucks
Letter to editor
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Editor, As summer is fast approaching it is now time for the ice cream truck to start coming around to the neighborhoods. As owner and operator of The Ice Cream Truck (orange and white van) I would like to address some safety issues that I have found disturbing.
First I would like to remind drivers that kids will be kids and whenever they see an ice cream truck they forget everything they have ever learned about traffic safety and crossing the street. Please be aware that when you pass an ice cream truck, you need to watch for children running across the street, darting into traffic or running out from blind spots. Please know that even though I am driving slowly, I will not intentionally or knowingly block traffic and will wave you around my truck when it is safe for you to pass. When you come up behind me you cannot always see any children that may be running toward the street. Please help me keep our children safe.
Secondly, to the parents, safety is a huge issue. Just because a van rolls through your neighborhood playing music does not mean it is an ice cream truck. Please come to the truck with your child until you have met the driver. You need to know who sells ice cream to your kids; get to know the drivers, see what they look like and find out their names. Look for a current business license. Any truck that does not prominently display a current Hinesville business license is operating illegally and more importantly has not submitted to a police background check.
Lastly, my email address is and I’d like to hear from you. If you have a comment, good or bad, a suggestion or request; email me. While I enjoy selling ice cream, the safety of our children is more important than any sale I will ever make. However, I cannot do it alone. It will take the combined effort of everyone in the community. Please, help me create a safe and fun environment for our kids as they visit an American icon, the neighborhood ice cream truck.

Cheryl Strickland

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