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Sabina Newby
Sabring Newby is the CEO and president of the Liberty County Minority Chamber, CEO of BouGie Natural Salons, and manufacturer of BouGie natural hair and body products. - photo by Photo provided.

As a spouse of a retired U.S. Army veteran, I have traveled the world and in my travels I have achieved many successes.

However, it wasn’t until moving to Hinesville, that I was able to achieve my ultimate goal as CEO of my own company. Though the relocation was initially bittersweet; I did not realize what was offered to me at that time. I was afforded the opportunity to focus and the tenacity to dig deeper and become an entrepreneur.

In 2007, I launched my first business. I had somewhat of an understanding of what was required to be a business owner, however I had no one to point me in the direction of becoming a successful one. I then started to network with other minority business owners who were facing the same difficulties. There was an extreme lack of resources, know how, and implementation within the minority business community.

I then began to do research. That research connected me to the knowledge that I knew existed, but had not experienced firsthand. Thus, I grew from a local business owner to an international brand, and felt a responsibility to give back to my community.

In 2016, we (local entrepreneurs) formed the Liberty County Minority Chamber, inspired by our love of Liberty.

The LCMC is an organization that caters education and the sharing of resources to a diversified network of businesses and organization’s within Liberty County. More importantly, the LCMC serves as a support system that offers opportunities in our community.

Many have inquired, why Liberty County? The simple answer is this: there was no resource of this type in Liberty County.

With the minority population at 39,982 out of a populace of 63,453, or 63 percent, we often wondered why there were so few minority owned businesses? We also pondered why most of those businesses were short lived?

Where were those like-minded individuals and the resources that were so desperately needed? How could we establish an advocacy forum to create and support all that we questioned?

The LCMC provides committed, visionary leadership and advocacy in real time that focuses on the economic development and growth of Liberty County. Our mission is to offer a mutually beneficial relationship that not only provides aid to our members and partners in growing their revenue; but through resources and initiatives, provide aid in sustaining that revenue. We strive for excellence in our organization by focusing on integrity, credibility, equality and adding value to our clients.

Though our chamber is titled "minority’’ and focuses on the underdeveloped business community countywide, the Liberty County Minority Chamber is not here to be divisive, compete with, or replace any other business oriented organization.

We are here to complement the beautiful county that we all call Liberty. We are committed and desire to contribute to its expansion and economic success. We openly invite all business owners, as well as the community to learn more about us as we pledge our support to their businesses, and to Liberty County.

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