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Legion here to help with U.S. flag etiquette
Letter to the editor

Editor: As veterans residing in a military community, we are amazed at the number of unserviceable American flags flying from various flag poles.

These poles are not just in front of residences but in front of local businesses and organizations.

Another item which we cannot fathom is when an American hero is laid to rest or the President declares a period of mourning for a deceased dignitary or a well known local veteran passes, or on certain holidays, such as Veterans Day and Memorial Day, there are far too many Americans who do not know how to properly position the flag at half-staff.

Far too many Americans are unfamiliar with the US flag code; the various rules for respecting the U.S. flag are defined by a law known as the U.S. flag code.

The basic rules governing respect for the American Flag can be found in United States Code Title 4 Chapter 1.

If you or your organization would like to learn about U.S. flag etiquette or would like to observe a dignified U.S. flag retirement and disposal ceremony, please contact one of the members of East Liberty County American Legion Post 321 by e-mailing the post at or by calling or texting Cmdr. Fitzgerald at 912-980-5204.

Our post tries to schedule a dignified U.S. flag retirement and disposal ceremony at least once a quarter and we place notices of said ceremonies in the Coastal Courier, on our Facebook page (TAL, DOG, Post 321) and by placing flyers in various businesses in the Midway/Riceboro area.

America’s veterans request your support and hope all Americans keep our national colors flying in the manner befitting this national symbol.

Far too many American veterans have paid the ultimate sacrifice in order to provide all the rights to keep the American fag flying, please do your part.

Yours in Service,

Dennis P. Fitzgerald

Post Commander

American Legion Post 321

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