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Letter to the editor: End of watch for Pali, a brave and true K9


Pali came into my home on June 28, 2013 when he became a Hinesville K9 Police Officer. He was the replacement K9 for K9 Officer Brad and had huge paws to fill.

Pali was intelligent, brave and LOVED to go to work. He was a dual-purpose K9 Officer used for both patrol & drug detection. He would stop the suspects in their tracks with his presence alone. He got drugs off our streets, and put criminals behind bars.

He was well known by all of the surrounding county’s K9 Units as being the “bad ass” dog and most handlers would not get into a bite suit for him to train. He would drink his handlers’ iced coffee through the straw if left in the car.

He loved to steal toys from people or kids and would refuse to give it back causing his handler to have to play for it. He and his handler even had a few disagreements that resulted in his handler visiting the emergency room. Pali was loaded with personality! Pali was a top-notch police dog; he knew when he could act out a when it was time to work.

After a few years of serving his community, Pali still in his prime, was forced to retire because his handler had left the department and no other handler could control him.

Worried about Pali’s fate I lied and told the Hinesville Police Dept. that I could handle Pali & I begged them to let me buy him. Pali had been in my home for 3 years; I couldn’t just turn my back on him.

I bought him for $1000 and had no idea how I would be able to handle and care for him.

It took a couple months for us to learn to trust and respect each other and for me to be able to handle him on a leash, without getting bit. A BIG shout out to Paul Mumau, who even after being bit a couple times, didn’t give up on him. And for the many times you had to drop what you were doing to come help me get him out of my car. This is when he started going to K9 Battle Buddies training. This time frame was very challenging! Pali still wanted to work. One time he managed to get into a Long County Deputy’s car when he had stopped by to see Jake and refused to get out! Pali was such a hot mess.

After months of training, it was time to find his veteran. I knew it would not be easy finding someone for Pali, because even though he had learned new tasks and a new way of life, you can never take the cop out of the dog. That’s when Anthony Martin started coming around K9 Battle Buddies. Anthony worked with Pali as a police officer and understood the cop in him. When I first came up with the idea of him trying Pali as his service dog Anthony thought it would never be possible, however, his wife, Laura Martin knew they would be a perfect pair and helped push the idea. After a steak lunch at Longhorn, with Pali perfectly behaved while we ate steak, Anthony was on board.

Pali became Anthony’s best friend and service dog. The first week Pali was with him, Anthony had a seizure. Pali opened the front door, went to his neighbor’s house, barked at and scratched the door until someone answered. Pali got them to follow him back to the house where they found Anthony on the floor.

Pali spent close to 5 years with Anthony & his family. He became a friend to Noah, and would kick Laura out of bed several nights a week. Pali was anything but your typical dog and he was loved dearly by those who had the opportunity to get to know the Pali behind the attitude.

Pali took his last breath on Oct. 14. He had been showing signs of not feeling well and yesterday he took a quick turn for the worse. Today he went back to the vet who discovered a large bleeding tumor on his spleen and the vet said it was time. With his entire family in the room, holding, petting and loving him he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

He will be missed dearly by all who loved him.

Patricia Bandy Durham, Founder, K9 Battle Buddies

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