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Letter to the editor: Earth Day celebration was absolutely epic
Letter to the Editor generic


As far as I am concerned, this year’s Earth Day observance, held Friday, April 22, actual Earth Day, could not have been surpassed anywhere! It was amazing to see the whole of Bryant Commons amphitheater hillside covered with tents of various businesses and organizations, all offering a different approach and activity celebrating Earth Day!

Dr. Karen Bell and the Keep Liberty Beautiful organization are to be commended for the manner in which the event was organized and carried out.

Another facet of the event which was absolutely wonderful was the fact that so many parents were so involved in making sure that their children absorbed all that the day had to offer; they were so involved that they themselves were participating in the activities as well as helping their children to do so. The comments heard were so encouraging!

My friends and I, representing the Morning Glory Garden Club, enjoyed the event so much; taking in all the amazing sights, sounds and level of participation, had only one word for it all; it was absolutely EPIC!

Judy Shippey, President, Morning Glory Garden Club

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