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Letter to the editor: Thankful Joe Biden is president
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor,

Donald Trump and Putin will be the faces of white privilege for decades. They have committed many crimes, yet the people of the world are convinced that “crime doesn’t pay.”

The basic laws of humanity should apply to them.

In less than two weeks, Russian President Vladimir Putin has started a second Cold War over the invasion of Ukraine. I am so happy that Joseph Biden is President in the USA and leader of the NATO and free world. For four years I watched a president of the USA act like a Putin lap dog. As a Cold War and NATO hero, I saw that as a crime, and like many Americans, I was so ashamed for our nation.

NATO is united and strong again. The sanctions we have placed on Russia have seriously hurt their economy, and I don’t think Putin will last 30 days when the people wake up to the fact that he has ruined their nation, with dreams of past glory of the Soviet Union.

The world business community’s reaction to the invasion of Ukraine has been swift and devastating to Russia. Even though the news media no longer televises news from Russia, you can rest assured that things are not going well for Putin. There’s a real possibility that he might resort to use a nuclear weapon in limited capacity.

It started in the 1950s when the CIA and KJB experimented with mass population control. These two men (Putin and Trump) have an unbreakable spell on the Russian people and in America’s population and can do no wrong in their eyes. They had control of the two largest nuclear arsenals, and as a team, there was nothing the people of the world could do to stand against them.

Trump is a little bit too close to this former KJB agent, who is determined to turn back the hands of time to when the old Soviet Union still existed. The Ukrainian people are fighting for their survival without such basic necessities as water. Former President Trump still acts like Putin’s lap dog and has control over one of our major political parties.

I thank GOD Joseph Biden, defender of the 7 Holy Virtues, is President of the USA.

Look at Jan. 6, 2021, and how Trump uses mind control and his white privilege. How many people abandoned their hopes and dreams of running for President of the USA in 2024 because they fear him. All people need to do is show a little backbone and stand up and say what Trump did was a crime and “crime don’t pay”!!!

Warrior Theodore of the Spartans.


Ted Harris, Midway

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