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Letter to the editor: Liberty Sheriff’s Office working hard
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear editor,

The Liberty County Sheriff ’s Office is working hard to support the citizens of our county. We have established some new systems that will provide accountability, stability, and savings to our fellow taxpayers. 

Further, we are working diligently to provide our citizens qualified, educated, and equipped law enforcement deputies. Highlighted are only a few accomplishments since 1 January 2021. Your Sheriff ’s Office Established a property accountability officer responsible for, monitoring and tracking property.

Entered a contract with the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police to be part of the state certification program. Adding credibility and transparency to the Liberty County Sherrif ’s office.

Completed the first comprehensive policy manual that covers all functions of the Sheriff ’s Office.

Enrolled in Power Document Management Software that enables all members of the Sheriff ’s Office to access policy and other documents available to all office personnel 24/7, reducing the printing cost and saving taxpayers’ dollars.

The Power Document Management Software program also helps manage the state certification standards, reducing additional manpower requirements.

Awarded a $300k Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) grant for a traffic unit. Final approval has been received from the state. This program provides additional Deputies to our county’s roads concentrating specifically on safety at no additional cost to Liberty County.

Received a training grant to purchase a virtual reality use of force training simulator, which. Saves taxpayers approximately $70,000 while providing training to Deputies at no cost.

Recommended and adopted a leasing patrol vehicle option from Enterprise to replace the aging and dangerous patrol fleet. This program provides for the safety of our Deputies while cutting long term costs.

Initiated several new processes to help track crime and patrol activity. We can now monitor serious crimes by date, time, location, and frequency. Based on data provided patrol Deputies can target problematic areas.

Successfully implemented a new hiring strategy that includes a physical ability test, psychological screening, and a polygraph examination for all sworn personnel.

In the final stages of implementing RedSpeed, which is a video/photo enforced school zone traffic management program. The program costs the county nothing to implement: all costs are bored by the company managing the program. The cameras also serve as a license plate reader that is active 24/7 which means if a crime is committed, the cameras can be reviewed to see if a particular vehicle passed one of the cameras.

Taxpayer Saving - began in-house training to reduce the cost of sending personnel to outside agencies for training. In-house training allows for better policy and procedure compliance.

Decreased speeding, driving under the influence, and unsafe driving throughout the county by implementing an aggressive traffic patrol program.

Implemented a video visitation program that allow family members to engage with inmates without the fear of contracting COVID19.

Implemented an evidence inventory process reducing the potential for lawsuits based on mishandling/storage or conflicts of interest.

Implemented a vehicle maintenance policy saving the taxpayer money in unnecessary repairs on county vehicles.

Implemented a hiring process that is unbiased and impartial for all liberty county residences.

Developed a check and balance system ensuring taxpayers’ dollars are spent by ensuring all purchased systems are integrated, reducing the need for costly upgrades.

Working a Bureau of Justice Assistance Grant to pay for half of the expenses related to furnishing body armor to all personnel involved in field duties saving the county taxpayer’s dollars.

Sincerely, Liberty County Sheriff’s Office

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