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Local jobs are among favorites
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The Second Amendment. Made in the USA. Jobs for Georgia. These are three of my favorite things.
Thanks to local firearms manufacturer Daniel Defense, all three of these come together right here in the Savannah area. And with the recent news that Daniel Defense is expanding their Bryan County facility by adding 120 new jobs, there is even more to be happy about.
Lest we take any of this for granted, I would like to take a moment to sing the praises of these three all American hallmarks and explain why Daniel Defense is vital to each.
Through the Bill of Rights, American’s are granted the freedom of religion, free speech, a free press and the right to petition our government. Alongside of these fundamental freedoms is the right of the people to bear arms. The reason for this enumerated right is to protect the other rights and to ensure America remains free.
Despite the Second Amendment to the Constitution, there is an aggressive movement to take this right away. If these radicals succeed and Americans lose their right to bear arms, our other fundamental rights will be unprotected and vulnerable to the same radicals who seek to control and limit our unique American freedoms.
Daniel Defense manufactures arms. More importantly they manufacture and sell arms in America. By doing so, Daniel Defense is defending not only the Second Amendment, but also the First Amendment.
And what better place in America to manufacture firearms than Georgia. Thanks in large part to Gov. Nathan Deal, Georgia has a pro-business economic environment. Here you also find some of the most patriotic and pro-Second Amendment citizen patriots anywhere. Here in Georgia there are hundreds of thousands of hunters, sportsmen and recreational shooters like myself. I own two Daniel Defense made rifles. This special combination of pro-business economic policies, citizens respectful of the Second Amendment and a large firearms consumer base makes Georgia a great place to manufacture firearms.
As you can see, Daniel Defense has a very important role to play in defending our Constitutional rights, protecting American sovereignty and employing Georgians. I wanted to write this to share my appreciation for Daniel Defense in making this investment in our community and in our country. I also want to thank Daniel Defense for providing me the catalyst to write about three of my favorite things: The Second Amendment. Made in the USA. Jobs for Georgia.

Johnson of Savannah is running for the 1st Congressional District.

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