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Long County, let us have our guns
Letter to editor
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Editor, I travel a lot and have written on the subject of gun rights before. Recently in Atlanta, they locked down a school because a neighbor was squirrel hunting nearby. Those people in Sandy Hook, Conn., are getting a new school because one of their own citizens committed murder there. Pretty soon, local commissioners are going to be sending drones through the community to look for zoning violations.
The laws and ordinances being created in our country today serve to prevent crime before it occurs, but we are a free nation because we have the right and opportunity to make choices.
If you send a drone over my house, I will shoot it down. If your dog attacks mine in my yard, I will kill it. If you destroy my property or steal it and I catch you, I will punish you myself instead of waiting for the law to do it.
This firearms ordinance they’re looking at in Long County will be used to confiscate, fine and incriminate free citizens who make decisions without county approval. I don’t need your approval to do something. If I harm someone, then prosecute me. Let’s stop erasing freedoms in our county and America.

— Patrick Lin Huerd

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