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Lots of problems with voting laws

Dear Editor:

The worst part of Georgia’s new voting law isn’t that drop boxes for absentee ballots must be inside election offices and only open when the polls are, making them useless. It isn’t that giving someone waiting in line to vote a bottle of water is now a FELONY.

It’s what’s happening in Fulton County.  Apparently, a batch of 200 absentee ballots in last year’s presidential election were run through the scanner and, therefore, counted twice. The result: Biden was credited with 114 extra votes and Trump 81.

Now, state legislators have decided to use the power vested in them by their shiny new Georgia Election Integrity Act to clean house in Fulton County, using those 200 votes as an excuse. The state senate wants to review the performance of the county’s elections director while house members want a review of the entire board of elections. All this, of course, is preparatory to the Republican legislators removing these county officials and appointing its own administrator to run elections in the heavily Democratic county.

Strangely, those same legislators appear unperturbed by election personnel in Fayette County managing to lose 2,755 votes and those in Floyd County another 2,600 in that same presidential election. Officials eventually located them during the post-election audit, which is why Biden’s margin of victory decreased.

To say these are Republican counties is like saying water is wet. In fact, Floyd County is home to ultra right wing Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and it just don’t get no more Republican than that.

Which apparently makes it okay for them to simply misplace over 5,000 ballots state law required them to store in sealed containers inside a locked vault. Heaven only knows where they actually were.                                                                                         

Linda Witt   

Hinesville, GA

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