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Maryland resident impressed with Hinesville residents respectfulness
Letter to the editor
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I wanted to take this time to mail a letter to the editor of the local newspaper in the Hinesville area.

I recently was in your town for several days dealing with the death of my brother, Walter Helmick, and noticed several things that are not “the norm” in Baltimore, Md.

I was pleasantly surprised and quite pleased when the Hinesville Police Department escorted the motorcade from the funeral home to the burial site, stopped traffic, removed their hats and stood at attention, showing their respect.

The thing that impressed me the most, and something that I’ve never seen in the North, was that all the opposing traffic stopped and let the motorcade pass before resuming their ways. I was surely amazed at this and that the people of your town showed that much respect for someone they have never met.

I wanted to thank you and the people of Hinesville for their thoughtfulness and respect.

— Raymond E. Helmick
Brooklyn Park, Md.

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