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Midway shouldnt go along with countys fire-station staffing plan
Letter to editor
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Editor, Liberty County’s move to place full-time firefighters in the Midway fire station is nothing more than a power grab by the county. If Midway was to go along with the county’s plan, the city would have to give up control of its fire department.
If the county wants full-time firefighters in the city of Midway, the county could just give back the property taxes that it collects from Midway residents, and the city could pay the firefighters. We don’t need another bloated county department at the expense of city residents.
The county wants to pay full-time firefighters during the day and have volunteers work for free at night. For this proposal to be fair, all firefighters should be paid. The Midway firefighters have done an excellent job without the county interfering.
With today’s economy, it is unconscionable to raise property taxes by $100. By the way, Walthourville also has turned the county down. I laud the city of Midway and its defiance of the power-hungry county.

— Len Calderone

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