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Mothers Day finds new mother torn between hometown and home
Life in Liberty
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This Sunday marks my first Mother’s Day as a mom. Never before have I had more respect for all the work that goes into being a good mom.

It’s mildly ironic that I’ll be spending my first two Sundays writing the community column outside of the community, but I am glad Josh and I will get to spend this Mother’s Day with our mothers.

It is definitely a testament to the community that its charm has lured me away from this amazing help that is grandparents. Since arriving to my small town in Iowa, both my husband and I have commented on the simplicity of life up here. The help is amazing. Even while I type this, Anastasia’s grandma is giving her a bath while Josh does some job searching and I focus on writing.

Still, even though words cannot express my gratitude toward my mom and my mother-in-law for their help (and the grandpas are pretty helpful, too), I can feel my heartstrings pulling me back to what’s become home over the last few years. While I try to brainstorm what I should do for my mom and Josh’s mom for Mother’s Day like the procrastinator that I am, I think about how I’d like to take them to the Mother’s Day tea in Midway or take them to the Hinesville Day Spa for pedicures or head to Poole’s Deli for a nice lunch.

I think about how my church will be performing a baby dedication this Sunday, but since we’re in Iowa, we’ll be missing out on that special ceremony. I think about not worrying about if it’s too cold for my daughter to be outside without socks on. I love our hometown, so don’t get me wrong, but there is just something so easy about getting into a routine here, but I like the challenge of our new home.

We’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day here, along with my little sister’s high school graduation, so it’s a great time to be in Iowa.

Still, after the end of this visit, I’ll be looking forward to going home to my house in the warm state of Georgia and maybe making a trip to the beach while I’m at it.

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