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No lasers here for Taylor Greene

Dear Editor:

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has gone online to express her fervent belief the California wildfires are caused by a Jewish Space Laser, owned by a European banking family.

Alas for Margie Q, science once again trumps conspiracy theory.

No one on this planet has the ability to build a laser (of any religious persuasion) that can set things ablaze 22,369 miles away, which is how far from earth such a laser’s orbit would be. 

That’s because heat from any light source dissipates with distance. It’s why you can go out in the noon day sun in South Georgia, but would pop like a drop of water in a pan of hot grease if dumped on the sun side of Mercury.

Then, there’s the question of how such a laser would be powered. 

You can’t run an extension cord up there and the number of solar panels it would take to generate that kind of electricity is astronomical. 

Even in the Star Wars universe, it took a space station the size of a small planet to power the Death Star.

I’m pretty sure, if a second moon rises over the horizon one evening, we’ll notice it without the assistance of QAnon.

Until then, it’s a safe assumption those wildfires still are caused by the same thing they were before the advent of crazy conspiracy theories- drought.

 Linda Witt


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