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No proof of excessive traffic violation enforcement by Midway Police officers
Letter to the Editor
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I am once again indebted to the Coastal Courier for graciously publishing my two previous letters. The letters challenged anyone to produce a citation, issued by a Midway Police officer, for less than 9 mph over the speed limit. The incentive for producing such proof of being issued a citation under the speed limits above was a $50 gift certificate valid at either Red Lobster or the Olive Garden.

No one has presented a citation that fell within the established parameters. Therefore, I think it appropriate for the officers and staff of the Midway Police Department to hold a drawing and enjoy dinner on me at the restaurant of their choice.

It was never my intent to establish a minimum speed at which a citation would be issued. Rather, it was my intent to show that people are not always accurate when they present “facts” that can be easily published through an anonymous phone call.

The more one tells a story the more they tend to embellish it. Perhaps that is OK among friends. It is however inappropriate when it casts doubt on a public agency that is dedicated to protect and serve.

We have come full circle. I opened my first letter with the statement, Midway has real C-O-P-S (courageous officers providing security.) I think it fitting that I close this final letter by calling your attention to a more somber interpretation applied to those letters, “Concerns of Police Survivors.” This is a brotherhood composed of spouses and officers who have suffered the loss of a police officer killed in the line of duty. We complain when we get a ticket or are told to turn the radio down, etc. But let us not forget that these officers put their lives on the line every time they leave for work.

National Police Week is May 13-19 and National Peace Officers Memorial Day is May 15. I ask each of you to take every opportunity to thank your police officers for their dedicated service.  

Terry Doyle

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