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No wonder the board of education opposes charter-school amendment
Letter to the editor
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I see that the Liberty County Board of Education fears the loss of “critically needed funds” should the charter-school amendment pass this fall.

They have not been afraid to spend critically needed funds in the past, as we’ve seen with the rotation of the Bradwell Institute football field so the sun does not shine in the eyes of the players during night games; the mismanagement of the Liberty County High School football field that required it to be built twice; the purchase of the Performing Arts Center and its associated upgrades, including a clock tower, sodded grounds and a sprinkler system; and, of course, the caper — a multimillion-dollar board of education building, commonly referred to in Hinesville as the Taj Mahal.

Yes, I too would fear that the loss of funds might throttle the wasteful spending or — even worse — effect the “great” graduation rate of 67 percent.

— Joe Gillam

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